Friday, 24 February 2012

Access Facebook Twitter from within Gmail

Gmail has a wonderful Labs Feature that lets you add iGoogle gadgets or any gadgets by third party to your Gmail inbox. This allows you to add all sorts of features and web apps such as Google Docs, Twitter, sticky notes, to-do list and so on to your Gmail account. One such gadget is for Facebook created by iBuno.

1. Log in to your Gmail account and click the Settings link at the right-top corner. 
2.  Click Labs and find Add any gadget by URL. Enable it and save the changes.

3. Go back to Settings and there you will find Gadgets. Click on it. 
4.  In the Add URL box, copy and paste the following URL

and click on Add.
5. A new element Facebook will appear bellow Chat in the left sidebar of your Gmail account. Click the expand link to open the Facebook interface. 
6. Login to your Facebook account through the interface and to give the Gmail Gadget access your Facebook profile click Allow.
7.  You can now open and access your Facebook’s profile and wall updates, and also post new updates from right within Gmail. 
8. To add Twitter: repeat step 4 with the following URL