Friday, 10 February 2012

Configure Pidgin to work with GoogleTalk (GTalk)

How to configure Pidgin to work with Google Talk (GTalk) to chat with your friends.

1. Download and install Pidgin. On Ubuntu you can simply use the command : 
sudo apt-get install pidgin in the terminal.
Or you can download it by clicking here.

2. Open Pidgin and go to Accounts -> Manage Accounts -> Add window of Pidgin.

3. From the drop-down box select XMPP as the protocol.

4. Enter your username in the Username field. (for eg. if your email-id is, your username is nickhalden)

5. In the domain field enter 

6. In the resource field enter home.

7. Now click on the Advanced tab.

8. In the connect port enter 443.

9. In the connect server enter
10. Click on the Proxy tab.

11. If you are behind a proxy either select Use Environmental Settings or select HTTP for the proxy type field.

12. Enter the address, port and your authentication details.

13. Click on Save and you are ready to go online.