Friday, 2 March 2012

Important Android features not available in iPhone

Android and iPhone are among the most popular phones in the market at the moment. Their popularity has been raised by the unique features which can be found in these phones. The following are some unique features in Androids but are conspicuously missing in iPhones.
True Application Combination
Although the iPhone has in the recent past introduced the Google voice in their applications, the experience is still unmatched to that of the android. The iPhone apps direct the user to a default dialer as well as visual voicemail apps that will assist you to navigate it manually. Android offers a classic option where the user can set the feature once and the rest of the calls dialed through the phone go through Google Voice. This app integration feature has also made it simple to use custom SMS, phone, browser apps and voicemails.

This is an important feature used for several purposes such as viewing flash sites, playing games and watching flash videos are just a few of the common tasks you will need the flash for. Android has this app ready in the system hence you can be assured you can access all the flash features hassle free.

Alternate Keyboards

The Android offers a variety of keyboard options such as innovative like swipe, text predictors like Swiftkey and downright adventurous such as 8pen. Typing can be really painful if you have a phone with small keyboard. This is the reason why Android provides a variety of keyboard options to their users. However, the keyboards are available as apps hence the user will have to import and install them. This process is very simplified hence everyone can accomplish it conveniently. These systems are rare in regular phones but they offer the kind of features that you would be on the lookout for.
Among the most essential and powerful applications found in the Androids is the Tasker. It provides a simple for automating the Android into a superphone. You can either turn settings on or off for particular location, applications, time of day or any other reason you can think of. All you need is to prepare commands of what you want done on your phon and save the settings. Tasker has ability to access even the furthest folders in your phone and implement the commands. This application is rarely available in other phones. 
 Customized Home Launchers

Although iPhone users who have jailbroken their phones their phones can customize their home screens to a certain extent, they cannot attain the kind of experience delivered by the custom home launchers of Android. There are third party launchers offering a offering a wide range of home screen features on the phone such as shortcuts, gestures and low level settings that can enhance performance of older phones. Irrespective whether you are using the highly modifiable ADWLauncher or incredibly fast LauncherPro, the third party launchers have limitless configurations you can add to your device.
Although these applications normally occupy large spaces on the screen, their role can be substituted for nothing more. Whether it is a weather or music widget showing you the song playing in the background, nothing can replace the experience of the apps. The most important is the `to do’ list which is brought to your face such that you will not have to look for it. People who have jailbroken iPhone can also find widget apps but unfortunately they can only be stored the lock screen instead of home screen that you are constantly swiping through. 
Detachabale Storage and Battery
The open nature of Android allows the use to remove and upgrade batteries and SD card conveniently. If your micro-SD card is full, you can get a bigger card and pop it in easily.  

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