Wednesday, 6 June 2012

BASE Installation on Ubuntu


BASE is php frontend application for Snort. BASE let you check and analyze your Snort events and alerts from a web browser.




Install BASE

  • Install apache php and prerequisite packages
  • Install pear Image_Graph
  • Download ADODB
  • Download and extract BASE
  • Configure BASE

$BASE_urlpath = '/base';
$DBlib_path = '/var/adodb/';
$alert_dbname   = 'snort';
$alert_host     = 'localhost';
$alert_port     = '';
$alert_user     = 'snort'; 
$alert_password = 'snort';
  • Set permissions on base directory
  • Restart apache
  • Browse to snort_ip_address/base/index.php and click on “setup page” link
  • Click on “Create BASE AG” button on the upper right of the page
  • Click on the “Main page” line
Thats all. Now you can work with your new BASE system to analyze Snort data.

Please visit for more information about Snort configuration and usage

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