Thursday, 19 July 2012

Combine Contacts on an Android Device

When you add social networking contacts to your phonebook, or import contacts from a different phone, you may end up with multiple entries for one person. There’s an easy way to combine information to reduce phonebook clutter and make phonebook entries more complete.

I. Combining Contacts

1. Find the contact that you want to combine.

2. Hold your finger down on the contact entry and select edit contact, or if that doesn’t work, select the contact and the press the menu key and edit contact should be there.

3. Once you are in edit contact mode, press the menu key and select join.

4. A list of suggested contacts will come up based on matching information, but if none of those are right then select show all contacts and find the one that you want to combine with.

5. After you have selected the contact and selected join, you will be taken back to the edit contact screen. From here press save.

II. Other Information

6. Whichever contact you selected for step 1 will be the contact that shows up in your phonebook. You can select edit contact again if you want to revise some of the information further.

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